Is exfoliation the secret to tight, youthful skin? By all means!

What does exfoliating / scrubbing / peeling mean?

The upper layer of the skin is supposed to, among other things, protect the skin and prevent water loss. The upper stratum corneum is imperceptibly renewed in approximately 28-day cycles, i.e. it is completely replaced during this time. As we age, this natural process gradually slows down, the cells age, the skin becomes lifeless, dull and, unfortunately, more prone to wrinkles.

Epidermal cells remaining on the skin then make the skin rough and dull, cosmetics cannot be absorbed, the skin becomes dry, pale and flabby. This is where proper exfoliation can help!

Exfoliation refers to the removal of the top layer of the skin, regardless of the method.


Scrubbing or exfoliation?

There are different ways to remove the upper, cornified layer of the skin. Both procedures have different levels, and in fact, they are often used in combination.

  • Mechanical exfoliation: in this case, you basically rub off the dead skin cells with the help of particles of some kind of granular material (e.g. face scrub, ground seeds, microdermabrasion)
  • Chemical exfoliation: in this case, the top layer of the skin is practically "dissolved" with the help of some skin care acid (AHA - fruit acid; BHA - salicylic acid; PHA - gentle AHA types).

Do you need to exfoliate at all?

If you are 20 years old, you don't need it, for example, a gentle tonic or face milk is more than enough to clean your face! It is also not worth exfoliating thinned, mature skin, rosacea, or sensitive skin at home. Even if you go to the beautician regularly every month, it is unnecessary, because it has probably already be done there.

Exfoliation becomes more important around the end of your 30s, beginning of your 40s, when the skin's natural renewal cycle slows down, the skin becomes tired, "grey", rougher to the touch, greasier or drier than it was before... You will feel it! When you look in the mirror and feel like you should do something now.


Which exfoliation solution should you choose?

There is unfortunately no miracle drug for getting a younger skin. The recommended solution depends on many factors.


Is it possible to exfoliate in summer?

The point of exfoliation is that by removing the top layer, you get a beautiful, new layer of skin. Depending on the depth of the exfoliation method, this is very fragile, almost like a baby's skin! This is precisely why in summer (and usually in strong sunlight) you should exfoliate very carefully:

  • definitely in the evening and not in the morning
  • using adequate sun protection in the coming days
  • (if you want to keep your tan, don't exfoliate!)

The best time to exfoliate is fall and winter. You don't need to be afraid of it, with proper application it really works wonders for the skin!

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