Waste sorting and recycling

For us, it is very important to be environmentally aware and protect the environment. In addition, we have some partners who clean and reuse glass packaging and we absolutely want to support their environmental work.

We are therefore introducing a new way to get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

Do this to get the discount:

  • Order from CosmetiGo, enjoy our products and get radiant skin!
  • When you have collected 4 empty product packages (applies to products you have purchased at CosmetiGo), you can recycle them in two different ways.
  • Use CosmetiGo's packaging that your order was sent in. Contact us ( and you will receive a shipping label by email. When we have received your package, you will immediately receive a discount code for 15% on your next purchase.


Or recycle the packaging yourself. Here is some guidance on how to sort cosmetic waste:

Some general rules:

  • The rubber part of dropper bottles: household waste (combustible)
  • Glass: glass recycling station
  • Soft and hard plastic packaging: plastic recycling station
  • Mixed materials must be sorted in the category of which the main material consists, only applies if the other material is a small detail. Otherwise, it is thrown in combustible.
  • Half-empty packaging is handed in at the recycling station: hazardous waste. Do not empty the contents down the drain.
Keep in mind that all municipalities handle recycling differently, so it can be good to read about how your home municipality handles these.