Ät rätt för en frisk hud!

Eat right for a healthy skin!

What should we eat for beautiful skin? Skin care doesn't start with face creams. Food and lifestyle are the basis for the condition and beauty of your skin.

The effect of food on the skin

It is natural that our lifestyle affects the condition of our skin. Smoking, lack of sleep, and poor diet can also be seen on our skin. If someone wants elastic and firm, beautiful skin, then it is worth supporting it with lifestyle in addition to facial products. For example, exercise is also very important. As it increases metabolism and invigorates blood circulation, regular exercise makes the skin tighter. After all, the capillaries of the dermis are involved in the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the same way as the vascular network of the body as a whole. Therefore, with good blood flow, we can achieve that toxins quickly leave the skin, and the supply of nutrients improves. Beautiful and flexible skin can be the most spectacular result of this process.

Food is, of course, another very important thing, as the nutrients you take in have an effect on the skin as well. On one hand, our digestion matters because of the absorption of nutrients, and on the other hand, of course, what we eat is also important. It is worth eating foods rich in nutrients and vitamins that also affect the condition of the skin. We are about to show you some tips!


The miraculous effect of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits almost do wonders for the skin, as vitamin C and its derivatives contain a lot of antioxidants and stimulate collagen production. It is an effective anti-inflammatory, so it can improve skin redness and milder inflammations. Vitamin C is therefore a miracle component, but in the form of face cream it is a really delicate substance, as it is an unstable chemical element that is sensitive to heat, light and oxygen, and therefore begins to decompose easily and quickly.


Oily seeds: long live vitamin E

Oily seeds are good for the body and skin mainly due to their antioxidants, omega 3 and high vitamin E content. It helps to keep the skin hydrated, as flexibility and adequate moisture content are very important. Omega 3 fatty acids strengthen the skin's ability to retain moisture as well as reduce inflammation.

Vitamin E is effective against free radicals, which accelerate skin aging by hunting for unstable cells. Therefore, any nutrient that can fight these particles supports the preservation of youth. This is the reason why foods with a high vitamin E content help a lot in maintaining the elasticity and youth of the skin.


Drink plenty for healthy skin

If we drink a lot of fluids, our skin will be cleansed more easily and faster, as water flushes out toxic substances from it. This is why our chances against acne improve, as the toxins that can cause our skin to become inflamed can be cleared in time. But that's not the only reason why it's important to drink plenty of fluids. Adequate fluid intake is also the solution against the development of dry, dehydrated skin. After all, this way the skin is filled with moisture, but the blood supply in the dermis will also be better, and we already know that it does a lot for the beauty of the skin.

Water fills the cells, so mimic wrinkles will be much less visible for those who drink an adequate amount of fluid, i.e. at least two liters per day. In addition, collagen formation also requires water. That's why a lot of vitamin C and a lot of fluids add a lot to the rejuvenation of the skin.


The importance of antioxidants

The antioxidant is also a particularly important active ingredient for the skin. The essence of its mechanism of action is that it slows down the aging of the skin by binding harmful free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidation in the skin because they react with unstable particles. Because free radicals are constantly hunting for electrons, and break down weakly bound molecules and assemble them into new molecules, as a result of which healthy molecules are damaged, thus aging and ruining our skin.

And the role of antioxidants is to bind free radicals so that they do not tear apart more and more molecules. Therefore, antioxidants are active skin rejuvenators.

But what foods contain antioxidants? In addition to apples and citrus fruits, spinach, green tea, cocoa beans, but also vegetables such as beets and cabbage, beans, and carrots are all rich in this active ingredient.


Vitamin A: carrots

Carrots not only contain vitamin A, but also support the preservation of youth with the presence of the previously mentioned antioxidants found in them. But why do we especially love vitamin A? Because this fat-soluble vitamin slows down aging and supports skin health. Vitamin A is the eye and skin vitamin. We call beta-carotene its pre-vitamin, because it can be converted into retinol, i.e. pure vitamin A, in the body. Vitamin A can prevent skin dryness and even premature aging of the skin, as it accelerates cell renewal.


Beef and sea food: collagen consumption

In the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, there is collagen that gives the skin firmness. This is the material that gives the skin its youth and elasticity. A lot revolves around collagen, which is why it has already been discussed in relation to vitamin C and water. Why? Because collagen is the soul of everything, the central key to the firmness of the skin. When applied to the face, collagen cannot be absorbed, so it cannot be applied to the face in the form of a cream. We can do two things. You can replace it by eating beef and other foods with a high collagen content, although it will not be 100% absorbed by the body. According to the latest research, it is best absorbed in the afternoon, and we should consume beef collagen.

Vitamin C derivatives, on the other hand, stimulate the skin to produce collagen, so if we take care of our skin with well-absorbed and stable vitamin C derivatives, we will get it to produce more collagen.



With these foods, we do a lot for the beauty of our skin, but it also doesn't hurt to apply the mentioned active ingredients on our face.

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