Grundläggande ansiktsvårdsrutiner

Basic face care routines

One of the bases for the proper functioning of our skin is maintaining the balance of the hydrolipid layer and increasing the skin's defenses.

What does the term hydrolipid mean?

It is nothing but a mixture of the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands and the sweat coming to the surface of the skin through the sweat ducts. Its water-to-fat ratio and proper balance ensure the skin's natural defenses and hydration.

The easiest way to care for and nourish our skin is by using materials similar to the skin. These naturally occurring substances - such as unsaturated fatty acids and waxes - are more easily absorbed by the skin. It is essential to use vitamins A, E, and C for skin care.

Once you have found the right package for your skin care, it is recommended that you develop your daily routine, which after a while will become as natural a part of your day as brushing your teeth.


Here is a little guide to the process of these routines:

Morning routine

  1. CLEANSING (you find our cleansing products here)

Instead of tap water, you can use a face mist for washing your face. Spray your face and wipe with a cotton pad.

If you don't use face mist /tonic, you can clean your skin in the morning with lukewarm water and soap.

Note: You cannot completely wash off the excess sweat and fat accumulated in the morning with cold water, and it also tightens the pores! The plantbased active ingredients and the purity of the product will have a better effect on the quality of your skin in the long term than the unknown composition and quality of tap water.


Spray your face again with face mist! Whatever cream or serum you use, it will be absorbed more deeply on wet skin. It also plays an important role in hydration, as you can not only hydrate your skin with the correct daily fluid intake!


Apply cream or serum to wet skin. If you use both, start with the serum. It is important that you never miss your neck and décolletage! They need nourishment just like the skin on your face.

  1. EYE CARE (you find our eye care products here)

If you use eye cream, press it into your skin with gentle movements!


Next comes the makeup!


Evening routine

In order for your skin to be properly cleansed during the night, you need clean pores. Let your skin breathe freely!

It is essential to wash all dirt and make-up off your face without leaving any residue. You can do this in several ways.


Spray your face with face mist!


If necessary, apply serum to your face. Does not clog pores.


Weekly routine

Do deep cleansing on your face and neck once a week - up to twice in the case of impure skin.

You can spray your cleansed skin with a face mist or apply a serum afterwards!

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