Herbsgarden - Få fram det bästa ur dig själv genom naturens kraft

Herbsgarden - Bring out the best in yourself through the power of nature

'Nature only creates perfection.
Be natural, because that's how you are perfect!'



The Herbsgarden brand was launched by Tímea Both in 2015, and she has been the developer and owner of the products ever since. Tímea made her old dream come true by creating this product line.

She thinks that the aging of our skin is a natural process, but we can do a lot to delay the symptoms with proper nutrition, exercise, fluid consumption and the use of cosmetics that build the skin's surface.

Tímea believes that a quality product can only be produced from quality raw materials. She also believes that herbs have earned their place in modern beauty care as well. She creates for you, modern women who see beauty in nature.

At least 90% of the raw materials of all Herbsgarden products come from the nature. That is why they are colorful, fragrant and rich in active ingredients. All products are nutrition for your skin. Skin care with Herbsgarden natural cosmetics makes your everyday life joyful!

They tirelessly search for the best quality, mainly Hungarian raw materials, as their goal is to meet the requirements of the strictest BDIH certification in Europe. The Herbsgarden products already contain only natural materials and the ratio of organic ingredients is also very high.

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