Är din hud känslig? Skydda den med våra produkter

Is your skin sensitive? Protect it with our products

Sensitive skin requires constant attention and care, and its condition often changes. Unfavorable environmental factors (cold water, temperature fluctuations, wind, and more), the use of inappropriate cosmetic products and our own inner self, such as our fluctuating mental state and poor nutrition, all weaken the skin's resistance, until finally its healthy functioning is completely overturned. In response, it conveys to us in external signs that something is wrong: it pulls, tenses, reddens easily. Rashes, pimples can break out, peel, itch, etc...


Sensitive skin needs active ingredients, which primary goal is to restore the correct functioning of immunity by balancing the skin barrier and the hydrolipid layer, supporting the microbiome and avoiding irritating ingredients. The goal is to strengthen the skin.


You find products for sensitive skin at Cosmetigo.

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