PHI - En sund balans mellan naturlig skönhetsvård som bevarar traditionella värderingar och moderna trender

PHI - A healthy balance between natural beauty care that preserves traditional values and modern trends

Phi is considered the most beautiful number in the universe. Why? Everything that the human eye sees as beautiful is based on the number phi. Phi is nothing but the golden ratio itself, i.e. ratio to 1. It appears all around in nature and art, creating a balance between symmetry and asymmetry. Phi is 1.618... nature's most basic building block. The spatial characteristics of plants, animals, and even human beings show the Phi ratio with eerie accuracy.

And we humans are all two-legged masterpieces of nature and the golden ratio. Phi symbolizes that behind the chaos there is order in the world, and man subconsciously seeks conditions close to nature, because we ourselves are creations of nature. Phi cosmetics are based on natural beauty and harmony, creating a balance between man and nature.


At PHI, 6 completely different women work in one team in exceptional harmony. Here, traditions, phytotherapy, chemical engineering expertise, creativity and design go hand in hand with the latest innovations. PHI cosmetics are born from this harmony, which are individually developed and manufactured in-house in Hungary, with a high content of active ingredients. In the professional team, a bioengineer, a chemical engineer, a naturopath-phytotherapist and a dermatologist work together on each formula, so that it has the best possible effect from every point of view.

They consciously strive to work with the highest quality raw materials. This applies both to the ingredients, active ingredients, and to the packaging. They want to create a healthy balance between natural beauty care that preserves traditional values and modern trends.

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