Smog is also dangerous for the skin

An international scientific research confirmed that people who live in long-term smog have a higher chance of their skin starting to age prematurely, and the risk of developing various skin problems is also higher. Air pollution can trigger inflammatory processes in the skin.

Smog is a fog of smoke caused by environmental pollution.

It is primarily caused by the large-scale use of fossil fuels (mainly coal). When they are burned, a large amount of soot is produced, which, together with the floating dust, causes condensation nuclei to multiply in the air, and at the same time, it also causes a significant amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution.

The rising and rapidly cooling air reaches the saturation state, which leads to condensation on the particles, which results in the dissolution of SO2 (and the sulfur trioxide SO3 produced during its oxidation) and becomes acidic (sulfurous acid or sulfuric acid is produced), acid rain and fog are formed.


Conditions for its formation:

  • calm weather
  • high air pressure
  • high relative humidity
  • temperature between -3 and +5 °C
  • air pollution: sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust, soot


Serious health consequences of smog: asthma (respiratory sensitivity to certain substances), fatal pulmonary edema and skin aging.

That is why it is very important to clean your face of dirt every day and periodically exfoliate the dead skin cells, together with the deposits! Go out into nature, away from the noise of the city, and relieve your skin whenever you can: take a break from applying make-up from time to time and DRINK A LOT OF CLEAN WATER! Use natural cosmetics!

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