Uttorkad hud?

Dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is a condition that can occur in any skin type, be it normal, dry, oily or combination. In this case, there is a problem with the water content of the skin, which can be caused by improper nutrition, environmental influences and our lifestyle, stress or the use of inappropriate cosmetics. It is very easy to confuse dehydrated skin with oily skin.


What are the characteristics of dehydrated skin?

- dry, rough

- small wrinkles appear on the skin (regardless of age)

- the skin loses its elasticity

- colorless and dull


What can you do about it?


Of course, we can help our dehydrated skin a lot if we drink a lot of water, but that will not be enough, because with dehydrated skin, our goal is to retain water, to regenerate the damaged epidermal layer, and to speed up metabolic processes.


We need to strengthen the skin's barrier layer and choose active ingredients that retain moisture in our skin.


What are these active ingredients?

- ceramide

- betaine

- sodium PCA

- hyaluronic acid

- AHA acid


Which of our products do we recommend if your skin is dehydrated:

- Ceramide Complex + Phytosphingosine biserum

- Hyaluronic acid monoserum

- 80% NMF + SQUALANE moisturizer

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