Vad är skillnaden mellan BB och CC kräm?

What is the difference between BB and CC cream?

It is true for both multifunctional cosmetics that they simultaneously hydrate, unify the skin and contain sunscreen, so what is the difference between BB and CC creams?


BB face cream, i.e. "Beauty Balm", is a beautifying cream with a task to even out skin color and correct skin defects. Its coverage is weaker than the foundation, but it is still suitable for unifying the skin color. It is perfect for those with few skin blemishes.


The CC, i.e. "Color Corrective" cream, is an improved version of the BB cream, which can do everything that its B counterpart does, and even a little more. The CC cream has a stronger coverage than the BB cream. Its primary function is to even out skin color. It reduces brown and red spots, making it ideal for those who want to cover up minor skin imperfections. Similar to BB cream, it hydrates and contains sunscreen, and most CC creams also contain anti-wrinkle active ingredients.


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