Vad behöver du veta om att ta hand om mogen hud?

What do you need to know about caring for mature skin?

"Mature skin" - What does the term mean?

The term mature skin is usually used for the age group around and after the climax. The exact age varies genetically, it usually starts between 45-55 years. Mature skin is usually dry, fat- and water-deficient, even if it was more oily when younger. If we took good care of our skin in our 30s and 40s, the appearance of skin aging symptoms will be delayed by years. It is interesting - and at the same time nature's wise justice - that problematic, oily and acne-prone skin ages the slowest at a young age, while dry, fat- and water-deficient skin ages the fastest.


The elasticity and firmness of the skin decreases with age. While almost 97% of the fetus's body is water, and 75% of the baby's, the adult's body contains only 55% water. The aging of the body is a natural process, which unfortunately cannot be prevented, but can be delayed!


Age 50 - What changes does it bring in skin care?

Let's take a general look at what changes can happen to our skin around menopause. Individual symptoms can vary widely, as they depend to a large extent on the type of skin we had when we were young, how and with what we took care of it, and what our lifestyle was and is like now.

  • sebum production decreases, so the skin becomes drier and flabby
  • the moisture retention capacity of the tissue between the cells decreases
  • the collagen-elastin fibroblast system relaxes, the elasticity and firmness of the skin decreases
  • the enzymes that help exfoliate the dead keratin cells get tired, which is why the skin becomes rough and dull
  • the balance of the skin's protective lipid barrier layer is upset, sensitivity and redness may occur
  • scaly peeling and redness may also occur,
  • water deficiency in the deep layers and the formation of deep wrinkles may begin
  • pigment formation disorder, pigment spots characteristic of older age appear on the hands and face

Anti-aging over 50 - What can we do at home?

Most of the above symptoms can be delayed or reversed with professional treatment. It is important to note that the advice refers to the symptoms of natural skin aging, so they assume a healthy body. The side effects of many drug treatments can also be seen on the skin of the hands, the face and body. This can be, for example, increased horn formation or denser pigment spots, these should be treated by a specialist!


Cleansing the face: the first and most important step to preserve the beauty of the skin, use a facial cleansing milk and moisturizing tonic containing gentle surfactants. Soap is not recommended, it dries out skin with reduced sebum production even more

Regular skin exfoliation: mandatory for over 40s, it revives and refreshes our skin. Use a peeling containing fruit acids, hibiscus and enzymes.

Lifestyle: much more attention should be paid to diet and exercise!

  • Drink more herbal tea, rosehip tea, pure water. It is worth measuring your daily water consumption, because the body no longer signals a lack of fluids with thirst. One of the main causes of wrinkling is a lack of external and internal water!
  • Spend more time outdoors, such as gardening or walking

Sun protection: Its use becomes mandatory on a daily basis, so the formation and spread of pigment spots can be reduced

Beautician: Regular cosmetic massage helps keep the skin taut, contact a beautician who works with chemical-free natural cosmetics rich in active ingredients. A good specialist can add years of youth to our face by injecting the appropriate active ingredients deeper.

What is the best anti-aging cream for over 50?

Use creams suitable for your age and skin! Even if a cosmetic has worked well for the past 10 years, it is worth choosing a different type of skin regenerating cream for mature skin, richer in nutrients and active ingredients.


In any case, check the composition of the cosmetics, apply only natural cosmetics made from pure ingredients, and buy from a reliable manufacturer. Use serums and creams with skin structure-improving active ingredients enclosed in liposomes, which also contain ceramides. Liposomes deliver the active ingredients deeper, which are able to strengthen the skin's structure and increase vitality. Serums rich in antioxidants, Q10, and carotenoids should also be included in the skin care routine as a cure.


Stay positive!

Scientific experiments prove that cheerful, optimistic, positive people wrinkle less than their peers with a pessimistic, negative attitude. Our facial expression, the tension and relaxation of our facial muscles also play a big role in the condition of our skin. Everyday stress also shows on our faces, so if we can, we should regularly go for a massage, relax, take a walk in nature. Let's find something positive to be grateful for every day. Inner beauty also leaves its shining imprint on our face.


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(Original article: Tímea Both, Herbsgarden)

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