Vår huds förändring under vår kvinnliga cykel, det hemliga språket i vår kvinnliga kropp

Our skin’s changes during our female cycle, the secret language of our female body

We all know that our female bodies change like the phases of the moon. But are we aware that our skin also speaks to us during the monthly cycle?


Menstrual Phase (Days 1-5): During this period, hormone levels drop and our skin may look a little duller and drier. Extra hydration and relaxing facial care are key now! The following products are the perfect choice for this purpose: Products for dry skin


Follicular Phase (days 6-14): As the ovarian maturation period approaches, our skin becomes radiant. High estrogen levels hydrate the skin and this is the secret to a brighter, healthier appearance. Use light moisturizers and sun protection!


👩‍❤️‍👨Ovulation Phase (Days 15-17): This period is the peak of the skin. The skin looks smoother, firmer and brighter. This is the ideal period for cosmetic treatments. ❗️ Attention, female attractiveness increases drastically during this period, especially for men! 😉


Luteal Phase (Days 18-28): As we approach menstruation, hormone levels change and this can affect the skin. Acne and skin problems are more likely during this period. Proper cleansing and skin soothing products can help now.


Remember that these are general patterns, every woman's body is unique. Let's pay attention to our skin's signals and adapt to them! Our skin speaks to us, we just have to listen and give it what it needs.

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