Vår julklappsguide

Our Christmas gift guide

This is the season to sparkle and shine, and what better way to spread joy than by gifting the magic of beauty? This holiday season, Cosmetigo has curated a dazzling selection of beauty and skincare products, perfect for pampering your loved ones. Our holiday beauty gift guide caters to every taste and budget. Let the festive beauty celebrations begin!


For the skincare enthusiast:

Hibiscus set for acne-prone skin (peeling, tonic and cream): Elevate their skincare routine with this set, featuring a cleanser, a nourishing tonic and a moisturizer, and a radiance-boosting serum for that coveted holiday glow.

Regenerating night cream - with 7 organic herbal oils: Choose this for a lavish overnight skincare experience, as this rich blend works harmoniously to replenish and revitalize your skin, leaving you waking up to a radiant, nourished complexion every morning.


 Budget-friendly beauties:

Almost 1.618 selection: Selecting Almost 1.618 products from Cosmetigo ensures a curated beauty experience, perfectly harmonizing quality, variety, and efficacy, embodying the golden ratio of skincare satisfaction for a radiant and balanced self-care routine.

Mandulina products: Mandulina products from Cosmetigo.se guarantees an exquisite skincare experience, harmonizing premium quality and natural ingredients, providing a delicate and effective beauty regimen that embraces the essence of indulgence and care.


Luxury picks for glamour queens:

Liquid gold, bakuchiol, carrot deep moisturizing and firming face lotion, night cream: Indulge in the epitome of luxury with this decadent blend meticulously crafted to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin, ensuring a sumptuous and transformative nightly beauty ritual.

Blackcurrant & moringa antioxidant daycream: a luxurious blend that not only delivers intense hydration but also shields your skin with potent antioxidants, ensuring a radiant complexion while embracing the power of nature's finest ingredients.


Grooming goodies for him:

Bio melissa harmonizing face mist: a meticulously crafted blend designed to invigorate and balance the skin, providing a rejuvenating burst of moisture and a sophisticated, harmonious fragrance used as an after shave.

Woodpower natural cream deodorant: Opt for the unparalleled freshness and masculinity, harnessing the natural power of wood extracts to deliver long-lasting odor protection and a velvety feel, making it the perfect choice for a confidently fresh and distinctly refined grooming experience.


 For the tattoo enthusiast:

Easytattoo tattoo cream: Formulated to be hypoallergenic and developed specifically for tattoo aftercare, the tattoo cream hydrates and favours the restructuration of the skin barrier.

CICA + Ceramide regenerating cream: Choose this because it’s more than a tattoo ointment. It’s special for not only its exceptional tattoo-preserving properties but also for its soothing blend that deeply nourishes and repairs the skin, leaving you with a visibly smoother and healthier complexion. The latter makes it perfect also as a face cream.


Still can’t decide?

Unlock the world of beauty choices with a Cosmetigo gift card, offering your loved ones the freedom to explore and indulge in a wide array of premium skincare products. Perfect for any occasion, this gift card ensures they find their perfect beauty match with the luxury and quality Cosmetigo.se is renowned for.

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