Vårstäda din hudvårdsrutin - Ut med det gamla, in med det nya!

Spring-cleaning your skincare routine - Out with the old, in with the new!

As the vibrant energy of spring replaces the cold grip of winter, it's the perfect time to give your skincare routine a fresh start. Just like you swap out your winter wardrobe for lighter attire, your skincare products also need a seasonal transition. Here's why it's crucial to bid farewell to the old and welcome in the new during this spring-cleaning skincare ritual:

Adapting to changing conditions:

Spring brings warmer temperatures and increased humidity, altering the needs of your skin. Products that worked well in the dry winter may feel heavy or excessive now. By reassessing your skincare lineup, you can tailor your routine to address the evolving requirements of your skin during this season.

Preventing product overload:

Accumulating a variety of products over time is common, but using them all simultaneously can overwhelm your skin. Spring-cleaning your skincare routine allows you to streamline your products, focusing on essentials that cater to your skin's specific needs in the springtime.

Addressing seasonal skin concerns:

Spring may bring new skin challenges, such as increased oiliness or heightened sensitivity due to allergens. Reevaluating your skincare products lets you incorporate solutions for these concerns, ensuring your routine is not only effective but also targeted towards seasonal issues.


Here is some guidance to help your spring-cleaning!

Check expiry dates:

Start by examining the expiration dates of your skincare products. Discard any items that have passed their prime, as using expired products can be ineffective or even harmful to your skin.

Assess product performance:

Evaluate how each product in your current routine is performing. If a product isn't delivering the desired results or feels heavy on the skin, consider replacing it with a lighter alternative suitable for spring.

Simplify your routine:

Simplify your routine by focusing on the basics: cleanser, serum/moisturizer, and sunscreen. This minimalist approach ensures that your skin receives essential care without unnecessary complexity.

Introduce season-appropriate products:

Incorporate products that align with the spring season. Lighter moisturizers, hydrating mists, and products with floral extracts can be refreshing additions to your routine.


By undertaking this spring-cleaning of your skincare routine, you not only refresh your skin but also create space for a more intentional and effective regimen. Embrace the seasonal change by allowing your skincare routine to bloom along with the flowers outside.

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