Vem är jag som skapat CosmetiGo? Varför handla hos oss?

Who am I who created CosmetiGo? Why shop with us?

My name is Zsófia and I am the creator of this webshop.

I originally come from Hungary and about 6 years ago I decided to go on an adventure. When I landed in Sweden I was amazed by Swedish nature and culture so I chose to move to the beautiful city of Gothenburg. I have a degree in pedagogy and currently work with administration. I love learning languages, organizing, and planning, but I have an even bigger interest in cosmetics.

Zsófia testing a product

As I struggled with several skin conditions throughout the years, including eczema and dry skin, I started to look for the best products available and I believe to have found some in Hungary that have worked really nice for me. Therefore, even after moving to Sweden, I kept using these Hungarian products that work so well for my skin. Products that are made from natural ingredients and manufactured by brands that focus on eco-friendly production and packaging. For me these factors are crucial and my experience is that there is a huge demand for products with these values. So why not introduce you to small Hungarian brands who fit this profile perfectly. I definitely believe that they deserve a bigger attention and since I have tried their products, I promise you that you will not be disappointed either.

Follow me, find products for your skin type, and get ready for some seriously radiant skin!

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