Vet du om din hud är benägen för pormaskar? Läs våra hudvårdstips!

Do you know if your skin is prone to blackheads? Read our skin care tips!

Excessive sebum production results in oily skin. The overfunctioning of our sebaceous glands can have a genetic or hormonal background. These glands are present all over our body except for our palms and soles. They are mostly concentrated on our face (within that the T-zone is the most active area), chest and back, which is why blackheads and pimples appear more often in these areas. The pores of our skin, which are rich in sebum, are much wider and can become clogged and inflamed more easily. In addition, oily skin is often accompanied by dehydration.

Our tips for blackhead-prone skin:

  • Clean your face thoroughly, do double facial cleansing from time to time!
  • Use peeling to free the pores from clogged excess sebum and dead skin cells! A great solution for this is salicylic acid, i.e. BHA.
  • Choose a lightweight moisturizer for this purpose!
  • Several active ingredients are especially good in the treatment of oily skin and blackheads. These include green tea, BHA, niacinamide, vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants.

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